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Let’s get inspired by 70 million ad creatives!


AdCreative Studio

Uncover top-performing ad creatives for any app and utilize AI to generate unique creative sets with a single click.


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70 Million Ad Ideas;

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Leverage our Ad Intelligence to choose any app and reveal its most effective creatives across multiple ad networks.


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With our AI-driven AdCreative Studio, select an ad, define the size, and generate customized ad creatives for your app, reflecting app reviews, keywords, and descriptions, all in one click.

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Maximize your story's reach with our AI Narrative Builder; simply provide a prompt, and we'll create a compelling video description, with multilingual caption or voiceover options.

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Let's generate your narrative now!

Uncover top-performing ad creatives for any app and utilize AI to generate unique creative sets with a single click.

How does the AdCreative Studio work?

The process is straightforward. Begin by selecting any app, then utilize MobileAction's intelligence tool to identify its top-performing ad creatives. With just a single click, our system will generate unique ad creatives inspired by your initial choice. If you wish, you can enhance these with captions or voiceovers in multiple languages. It's all done seamlessly with one click.

How does AdCreative Studio's AI generate impressive ad creatives for my mobile app?

AdCreative Studio's AI leverages a wealth of data, including top-performing creatives from 400K+ advertisers and insights from over 3 million apps. As a leading player in mobile UA optimization, we have access to data from 70+ million ads and 10+ media formats across 50+ ad networks, including TikTok. This comprehensive portfolio enables our AI to analyze your app's description and metadata, alongside industry trends and competitor data.

Who can benefit from AdCreative Studio?

Ad Creative Studio, coding or design skills not required, enables one-click generation of aesthetically pleasing and high-conversion landing pages. It's an invaluable tool for user acquisition professionals, creative teams, and growth teams needing efficiency in crafting numerous ad creatives, localizing ads for international campaigns, and scaling testing without extensive resource expenditure.

Moreover, it's perfect for anyone enthusiastic about boosting app growth through effective ad creatives.

What are the steps to begin using AdCreative Studio?

For our existing customers, you'll gain access to AdCreative Studio shortly. For those new to our platform, we welcome you to sign up for our waitlist. We'll promptly notify you as soon as access becomes available.

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